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Welcome to MauiSadas! Where a passion of baking and a love of the Hawaiian islands meet. Located in Gilbert, Arizona.

What are malasadas?
 Hawaiian style malasadas are deep fried and rolled in sugar creating a light and fluffy donut. On the island, they can be found with different fillings including plain custard and coconut-flavored pudding.
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Which dusting

should I choose?!

We offer four different dustings. Traditional (Sugar), Maui Sand (Cinnamon Sugar, Li Hing, and Naked (Nothing!).What's Li Hing? In Hawaii, Li Hing powder is often sprinkled on tropical fruits like pineapple! It is a dried plum seasoning that is sweet, salty, and sour. 

-Kristen Cox

I purchased the cookies for a luau themed party. They were big, delicious, and beautiful! Perfect for the party. Purchased a couple MauiSadas to try and I was so pleased. Worth all the calories :)

-Ka Hic

I love this place. From the cute little surfboards where you pick up your order. To the wonderful family that runs it to the magnificent pastries they make. Everything I have tried has been delicous!

-Jo Wolfe

I've had these literally since day one. They are so good and I love all the different flavors. They're great to give as gifts or to take home and enjoy. Don't miss out!!

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